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Information about cancer
There is a lot of information about cancer treatment abroad, technologies as you see, are not claimed by "official medicine", in many countries you will not even open these articles and will not find them. A question "why"?!


The medicine "Platinus" has passed a long way. Since 1983 chemical laboratories of the USSR were engaged in working out of various substances. In the Leningrad institute of technology of Lensoveta the substance which had been the precursor of the future medicine was received. It was a stimulus for the further researches and for development of a new direction in studying of anticancerogenic activity of humic substances.

The first results of tests for animals have been received by Institute of cytology of the Russian Academy of Sciences in 1998 (for the tests there have been taken the white not purebred rats-females, brought from nursery "Rappolovo" of the Russian Academy of Medical Science). The researched complex containing bond of platinum, differed strong antitumoral effect and caused disturbance of the genetic apparatus of tumoral cells. This very fact has attracted attention of experts.

It has been revealed that the platinum medicines possess a wide spectrum of antitumoral effect. But their basic disadvantage was the high toxicity and consequently the disturbances of work of kidneys, bone marrow and a gastroenteric tract.

Since the latest 90th there have been conducted the active work on improvement of the received medicine by reduction of platinum in its composition. As a result it was possible to achieve the nephrotoxicity of the medicine, without having changed its ability to operate actively at treatment of a quite wide range of oncologic diseases.

The results of research work

The results of research work have been confirmed in the report by the St.-Petersburg State Medical Academy of I.I.Mechnikova in 2000 signed by professor V.G.Majmulov. The declared anticancer agent was the combined preparation containing both inorganic substances, and organic biologically active components.

The first tests on human being have been taken in 1991 when the traditional medicine, having become disheartened, has refused to treat women with uterus cancer. Productivity at early stages of the disease has been noticed on the 2nd-3d week of taking the medicine, and at 4th stage of the disease the results one could seen after 4-5 weeks. Further there were patients with a cancer of prostate (the 4th stage), the changes have been noticed in 3 weeks, and the capsule (saccule) under the done analyses has disappeared in 6 weeks. There also have been fixed results at other forms of growth, such as: cancer of lungs (3d stage), carcinoma of stomach (3-4 stage), breast cancer (1-4 stages) and many other things. The made clinical tests at the height of the country transitional period have been stopped.

Since 2001 the second generation of chemists has started realization the before set aim: to lead out the medicine on the accessible mass level. Adjustment of concentration of the active component of the medicine has allowed to receive a good productivity, both at early stages, and at the serious neglected cases, where numerous metastasizes were detected. The process of recover for each patient proceeded in own way depending on condition of an organism and earlier performed operations, quantity of chemotherapies and the applied hormonal preparations.

Timely diagnostics and effective methods of treatment allow to cure the disease at the timely reference. It is not a problem of the Russian medicine, but the international problem, after all now the cancer can be met at the one-year-old children and number of such children relentless grows.


An oncologist of the Central Clinical Hospital (the Russian Academy of Sciences. Moscow) says «It is obvious that nobody from pharmaceutical community (especially in the West) is interested in occurrence of such unique effective remedy for cancer treatment. It not the first case in the history. The cancer is the huge business working on fear and blackmail and giving good profit.

Imagine that a certain preparation cures cancer. Completely. And without problems with a side effect. What will happen to developers and manufacturers of chemo preparations, the equipment for radial therapy and all that is used in oncology? And money for scientific researches, and scientific research institute? And how will people live without fear?

Therefore after such agent will appear on horizon, it will simply be discredit. For the agent name forever for the whole world meant «the greatest swindle of a millennium» and there would not be any attempts to reanimate it. And its founders will be named charlatans. At the best.

Its mass release in one night will destroy the whole cancer industry which has more money than sale of narcotics. Oncologists will stay without work, will throw out the equipment, and medicines will be not necessary. The problem is not in the science, but in the politician of medicine which receives only in America 3 billion dollars on search of a remedy from cancer. Otherwise how it can remain without this money?»

Surgeon S.К. (Moscow): «The Surgery removes a tumour, but not the reason. As well as all modern methods of treatment of a cancer. Therefore the process of regrowth of a tumour can proceed. In oncology efficiency of treatment can be estimated on 5-year-old survival rate. For different tumours and for different stages of disease these indicators are very different. The question on this or that variant of treatment or sequence is accepted by the doctor who sees and observes the patient».


We are assured that the national rumour about the medicine will make the business, and we can salvage not hundreds, but millions people.

A question … Have not we become heart-hearted to problems of others? Whether we know those near to ourselves who suffer from an illness and does not know about the new development in this area? Inform relatives and friends about what you have read.

We are convinced that the medicine "Platinus" becomes accessible for everyone.
And this will be your important contribution!

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